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Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management Services
Protect & Enhance your Brand Reputation

Why ORM is important for your business?

Beware of Bad Links

  • We locate the authority of bad links
  • We define the nature of bad links
  • We check the brand presence
  • We push down the negative links
  • We clear the inaccurate search results

Contact us to remove your website’s bad links from search engines now!

Our Approach to Online Reputation Management


We respect your privacy concerns and maintain high-level confidentiality at work. Your online assets are safe and secure with our cautious experts.


We have the creative minds and the talented experts to get the work done. This expertise comes from years of successfully managing different kinds of client profiles.


Our ORM solutions are driven by measurable results that are delivered from time-to-time. We have the knowledge and the tools to give you the progress reports.


We communicate any negative changes in your online reputation in order to take timely measures to can save your brand image from further damage and image recovery strategies can be initiated.

How can ORM make a difference?

  • Direct your target customers to your website when they search online for you
  • Create authorized pages to promote your brand
  • Be the voice of your company online and respond to your customers
  • Manage negative remarks or feedback on online forums or social media as a responsible brand
  • Take out irrelevant content or remove inappropriate pages related to your brand on other websites
  • Avoid unauthorized people to represent your brand online

Why should you go for ORM services?

Online Reputation Management includes

Brand Monitoring

Learn more about who is saying what about your brand. We monitor and manage your brand's popularity online by locating spaces that need more attention.


Gain detailed insights about your company and its brand assets online. We create strategies and run data-driven campaigns based on advanced brand analysis reports.

Negative Comment

Acknowledging a negative feedback and giving a satisfactory response is equally important in online brand management. We help you manage feedback the right way.

Reputation Building

We build your reputation online with powerful campaigns, link building activities, uploading new authorized content and more. It helps to drive traffic and generate more sales.

Brand Presence

Creating a positive brand presence online is essential. We increase your brand presence online to attract more customers while staying ahead of the competition.

Increase Sales

We ensure your visibility online in relevant places where your potential customers are looking for your brand or your offerings. This leads to more sales and more profits for your business.

How we do it?


We do high-end analysis of the data related to your brand that we receive after monitoring.


Based on our analysis, we build customized strategies to turn negative spaces to positive spaces for your brand online..


We repair the negative links or bad links with positive links. We implement the strategies for smooth transition of the brand to a better known brand online..


We make sure that the repaired brand assets online continue to improve and sustain the reputation objectives that are already met.

Turning Negative to Positive in local listings

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services Pricing Plans.
Phrases Targeted 1 2 3 4
Search Positions Protected

Page 1

Page 1-2

Page 1-3

Page 1-5

Search Positions Monitored

1 to 10

1 to 20

1 to 30

1 to 30

Blog Set-up
Blog Writing





Blog Post





Development of Micro Sites





Local Map Listing





Video Marketing*
Image Promotion*
Business Reviews
Business Listing
Forum Posting
Social Bookmarking





Social Media Profile Creation





Article Writing





Article Submission





Article & Blog Distribution/Sharing





Monthly Reporting
ORM Report
Customer Support
Email/Phone/Chat Support
Satisfaction Guarantee
Customer Support
Product Id





Price (₹)





Above ORM packages are comprehensive and affordable. Choose the one that you need!

  • Basic Services: This ORM Package is a six-month package involving 1 targeted phrase with Page 1 search position protection. We increase brand visibility by creating a micro blogging site, business listing.
  • Bronze Package: Involves 2 targeted phrases with Page 1 search position protection. Under this ORM Plan, we create TWO micro blogging sites, business listing and inviting reviews from the end customer. Also enhancing Social platform visibility.
  • Silver Package: This ORM Plan is our most selling, under this we provide 3 targeted phrases with TOP 3 Page search protection. Under this ORM Pricing, we implement video marketing and image promotion strategy to better connect with the end customer.
  • Gold Package: This is our premium ORM Package for Big brands. Under GOLD Online Reputation Management Package, we targeted 5 phrases with TOP 3 Page search protection. It also involves the microsite development, local map, and business listing. We also write and submit articles, do social bookmarking and create social media profiles. Its high-end ORM plan and covers an extensive list of activities with focus to engage customers on various forums for better brand visibility.

What makes SiteVela Web Solutions a trusted agency?


We are a ISO 9001:2008 certified company adhering to strict quality standards.


Our clients seek our services because we are committed to give them the best.


We partner with reputed industry service providers to solve client issues ethically.


Our strategies are well-defined with clear goals to create a positive impact for our clients.

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ORM Frequently Asked Questions
Are search engines important to an online reputation?
If there is negative information about a company or a person ranking on the search engines, it can discourage users to trust the business or service from that company or person. This ultimately dissuades customers from using your products and service and will be good reasons to choose your competitor that is having good online reputation. SEO is very powerful to push down the bad links.
Are you providing monthly reports on progress?
Yes you will get progress reports and what we have done.
How long does it take for reputation management to work?
The ORM totally depend on the nature of links if there is a high volume of negative links it will take months of time or a year depend on the current status of links.
How Much Does Online Reputation Management Service Cost?
After you complete the questionnaire, an Online Reputation expert will contact you and dig into the details of your situation. Costs will depend on the severity of your issue.
How much time you will take to remove /push down bad links?
You will start seeing results in as little as a few weeks. Every client is different as well as each situation. We will provide genuine time-frames upon our consultation.
How SiteVela Web Solutions will help to protect a Online reputation?
At SiteVela Web Solutions we are using strategies to help you to maintain your online reputation. Our strategy includes search engine optimization techniques, our goal is to get the negative information about a person or company in the search engines and push down them.
How SiteVela will help me with my personal reputation problems?
Yes, sometimes people want to just be visible in the search engines or other times they having negative information showing up about them. In both cases we can help you to visible online and provide good information too.
If I have multiple locations what SiteVela will do?
SiteVela Web Solutionswill take care of all locations and create good links and push down the bad reviews
What is online reputation management?
Online reputation management is the process to brand yourself in search engine and help to push down the negative links.
Will you be able to push down my negative reviews on Google?
Yes, we use proven techniques to push down negative links about your brand/name/product.
It is true that a majority of people are using social media sites like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. We use these networks to establish your brand as well as increase its awareness among potential customers.
Our social media marketing services will definitely strengthen the customer satisfaction as these networks enable your company to respond to the questions & concerns of customers directly.
Our social media marketers follow your competitors on Facebook & Twitter. This makes it possible to know their best deals and in turn help you come up with a better deal as compared to your competitors.
Most of the people appear at social media websites to get personal. We present the products and put related questions in a way that the customers find it a fun way to discuss the products and your business too.
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SiteVela is led by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in web industry. At SiteVela we always strive to mix innovation with quality. We employ highly skilled professionals to ensure that our products are top class. We have a wide range of robust web solutions at affordable prices. Our primary focus is on 100% customer satisfaction and long term client relationships, hence we have a dedicated support team to take care of any customer issues.
Our Experts
  • Bebbi SinghFOUNDER & CEO Of SiteVela Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    In love with Computer Programming, having the 'Success' as only crush,Dhananjay K. Singh (Bebbi Singh) the Founder of SiteVela is one among the thinkers behind the idea of SiteVela. An open minded person with a funny attitude but really serious when it comes of work. Bebbi SIngh is a graduate in Engineering from 'National Institute of Technology Srinagar'. A set of things that are found to be in Bebbi Singh personality - Programming Competency, Relently Resourceful, Accessibility, Pulse on the industry and the the user, Security along with many other skills. Having a successful venture, Bebbi Singh along with his possible resources always dreams for developed and digital India....

  • Atish SinghProject Manager of SiteVela Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Atish Singh is the Project Manager of the company and takes care of business development activity, client relationship.She knows business development, lead generation, business Analysis, strategic planning.In person she can be described as team player, amiable, enthusiast, optimistic and helpful....

  • Harsh Singh Founder-II SiteVela Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Dir. Of division of Corporate/HR.

    Harsh Singh is the founder-II and takes care of sales negotiation, account management, Direction of corporation management, human resources division. He knows Market Communication, Event planning, Brand development and Market Research. He has completed his Bachelors Of Technology, Computer Science 2018.

  • VikkFounder-III of SiteVela Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    In love with Web Designing and Development, having the 'Success' as only crush, Vikram Bhardwaj (Vikk) the Co-Founder of SiteVela is one among the thinkers behind the idea of SiteVela. An open minded person with a funny attitude but really serious when it comes of work. Vikk is a graduate in Engineering from 'National Institute of Technology Srinagar'. A set of things that are found to be in Vikk's personality - Programming Competency, Relently Resourceful, Accessibility, Pulse on the industry and the the user, Security along with many other skills. Having a successful venture, Vikk along with his possible resources always dreams for developed and digital India.....

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